The Paul Stranahan’s Insomnia (PSI) is an offshoot of the Trio and is dedicated to adventuresome, all original compositions. It will mixes progressive jazz, fusion, avant-garde, and whatever else they feel like on any given night.

PSI-Paul Stranahan’s Insomnia is a drummer led band that is dedicated to performing all original, adventuresome, and creative music. The band draws from diverse styles of music including jazz, progressive rock, fusion, avant-garde, metal, funk, and anything else it might like to on any given night. The group strikes a balance between structured compositions and free form improvisations. Guitar and bass round out the band. PSI formed as an offshoot of the Paul Stranahan Trio in order to focus on original compositions. While the Trio will perform originals, it’s focus is more on straight ahead jazz and some fusion. PSI however draws influences from and is inspired by such musicians and groups as Frank Zappa, John Zorn, Meshuggah, John Scofield, Claudia Quintet, King Crimson, Weather Report and Miles Davis.