Night Terrors performs like a dream gone awry; giving yourself in is the only reality that makes sense. Fighting the music will leave you scarred, releasing to it will find you safely home, with a memory.

Because of the background of musicians Tim Mirth and Paul Stranahan so much music is possible with each passing second. Experimental textures are created with the use of many electronic pedals on the guitar from hauntedly quiet and round to jagged pulsing squeals. The percussion ranges from the harsh sounds of china cymbals to meditative singing bowls to any form of drumming. And then there are the gongs, the marvelous gongs of multiple sizes that can take the listener to a world far more ancient and yet newly rediscovered. A whole host of sounds and feels are possible.

Tim Mirth is an Akron, OH musician with a love for everything from jazz to the darkest death metal to the sweet sounds of singer songwriters. Tim began his musical journey at 10 years of age after moving to a new town with no friends. After sneaking up in the attic to play his father’s guitar he instantly became obsessed with the strung instrument and gave up any attempt at other pursuits. The music he created, created him.

Tim  Mirth has performed music in various ensembles and solo performances ranging from classical guitar recitals, Jazz Metal in his band Red Side Visible, jazz fusion in Paul Stranahan’s various ensembles and modern metal band Ceterum. Tim is a constant creator and can be observed releasing new music on almost a weekly basis on his website ( . This music covers a kaleidoscope of musical styles. He has performed extensively in the North East Ohio area along with gigs in NYC, Chicago, Germany and France among others.

Always searching for new ideas and projects, Tim took on learning violin last year for the first time. This instrument can be found on nearly all of his new recordings. He’s also recently picked up the saxophone and has spent many years dabbling at piano.

Composition and improvisational exploration are Tim’s main interests. He has spent many years studying harmonic and rhythmic theory to understand the noises ringing in his head. His obsession with music gets him up at 5 am every day so he can practice and work out ideas before heading to his day gig as an electrical engineer. Because of this job, Tim is free to explore his inspirations without the ramifications of reality biting at a starving musician. He creates to share his creations.

Chris Herald has performed saxophone in a wide variety of settings throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Peru, and Japan. He has spent several years freelancing in Colorado and the Midwest, where he has been involved in a diverse array of musical styles from classical and straight-ahead jazz to avant-garde, rock, and Jewish. Herald earned his MM in Jazz Studies and Pedagogy from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and BM in Saxophone Performance from the University of Akron, Ohio. Having just completed a year touring full-time with the Glenn Miller Orchestra, Chris is currently pursuing his Doctor of Musical Arts in Saxophone from the University of Arizona.

Chris has been awarded several distinctions, including recently being a woodwind finalist in the University of Arizona’s President’s Concerto Competition, soloist awards from various jazz festivals, winner of the Hank Marr Competition in Columbus, Ohio, and being awarded the University of Arizona’s Jazz Graduate Teaching Assistantship. As the Jazz Teaching Assistant, Herald directs the Concert Jazz Band and a jazz combo class.