The Lisa Miralia/Paul Stranahan Duo is a new collaboration of two forward looking musicians who create innovative and dynamic soundscapes using both ancient and modern acoustic and electronic instruments. They draw influences from the avant-garde, free improvisation, experimental noise, metal, musique concrete, and ambient music.

LISA MIRALIA (electronics, synths, vox, flutes, bells) is a musician, DJ, and curator of independent sound art events and event series in Cleveland, Ohio. She performs solo and in a number of collaborative projects involving experimental electronics, electro-acoustic improvisation and composition, noise, psych rock, dark ambience, and deep third eye drones. Lisa works with both home built and traditional electronics and instruments, vocals, and at times performance art. Lisa also hosts the long-running Mysterious Black Box radio show each week on WCSB 89.3fm, featuring a free-form and experimental music format.

PAUL STRANAHAN (gong array, singing bowls, drums, percussion) is a percussionist, composer, and teacher. He’s led his own groups such as the modern jazz Paul Stranahan Trio, the avant/fusion band PSI-Paul Stranahan’s Insomnia and the experimental group Night Terrors. Abstract Logix, a progressive instrumental magazine, said of Paul , “ As a drummer leading an ensemble with self-penned compositions Paul is occupying a mantle that few can approach.” A career highlight for Paul was when his trio and Red Side Visible (an avant/metal group Paul plays drums in and composes for) were 2 of the 4 American bands out of hundreds of applicants that were selected to perform in Belfort, France at FIMU (Festival International de Musique Universitaire). He also has a double CD release appropriately called “Gong and Singing Bowl Improvisations” on the Infinite Number of Sounds Label.