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A bit about the Artist

Paul Stranahan is a percussionist (drums, gongs, marimba), composer, and music teacher. Paul has also been a band leader since 1999 when he decided he wanted to focus on the kind of creative music that is his passion. He has released a double CD “Gong and Singing Bowl Improvisations” on the Infinite Number of Sounds label. He has three Cds of modern jazz by the Paul Stranahan Trio and two Cds of the progressive fusion group PSI-Paul Stranahan’s Insomnia. He played drums and wrote several songs on the avant/metal band Red Side Visible’s “Enter Entropy” album. He recorded two Cds with the experimental band Broadview Collective. He is also plays drums, gongs and singing bowls with Night Terrors and is on their soon to be released recording of all improvised pieces.

Abstract Logix, a progressive instrumental magazine, said of PSI , “ As a drummer leading an ensemble with self-penned compositions Paul is occupying a mantle that few can approach.” A career highlight for Paul was when in 2010 his Trio and Red Side Visible were 2 of the 4 American bands out of hundreds of applicants that were selected to perform in Belfort, France at FIMU (Festival International de Musique Universitaire).

Paul graduated from the Conservatory of Music at Capital University. His main drumming influences are Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, John Bonham, Bill Bruford and Tomas Haake.


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